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  • Zoe Tuck
    Terror Matrix PDF

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    This book is out of print. 

    Perfect Bound
    48 pages, 4.5" x 7"

    Publication Date: 9 May 2014
    ISBN: 978-1-937421-07-6
    Distribution: SPD

    An unwieldy livestream of body-memory at the intersection of politics and bare life, torture and S&M, somatic subversion and everyday digital witchcraft 


    Praise for Terror Matrix

    For all its gnostic scholarship, the writing of Zoe Tuck always sounds absolutely contemporary. In Terror Matrix, we witness drones tracking the smell of cooking onions, Amazon putting its books to death, the queer body dragged to a xenophobic Liam Neeson vehicle, and everywhere, everywhere, witches on the torture rack again. It couldn't be more 2014.  

    Zoe's privileged form is the interruption, the break within the break, another glaring condition of the now. "This bare life's made possible by constant rupture.” Not wonderful, not horrible, just possible. Zoe has a crystalline sense of rupture as hope, as eventful change, as the fractures in the boundaries of identity, but at the same time understands it as a most useful tool for state terror, as the violent partitioning of bodies, as the multi-media cloud cutting into and across itself in order to splinter resistance and distract from its own amorality. All who share a sense of rupture's ambiguity will treasure this "safe poetic exercise in S&M.  

    Brent Cunningham 



    The Volta Blog


    Zoe Tuck is the author of Terror Matrix and the unpublished manuscript Summer Arcana. She recently co-taught a class called Vampire Poetics at the Bay Area Public School with Laura Moriarty, and will be teaching an upcoming class on ghosts with Zach Ozma. She will be portraying the experimental filmmaker Maya Deren in an upcoming production of Brittany Billmeyer-Finn's the meshes: an iteration in 2 acts.