JH Phrydas

JH Phrydas 

JH Phrydas is the author of Levitations and curator of the long-term project X21REQ, which calls for artists and writers to answer the question: “What does the twenty-first century require of you?” After three years of failed attempts to gain admittance to universities to continue his research, Phrydas became an independent scholar. Armed with library cards from local universities, he researches, writes, and creates collages for a future novel called Against Daylight. He conducts his research within the analog and digital divide: in the hopes that, by reconjuring memory through embodied narrative, queered history, and alchemical ancestries, we might, as a culture, grind towards a new type of knowledge. One based in bone and written in the stars. He lives in Los Angeles with his partner, artist and DJ Stanley Frank



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