Emji Spero

Emji Spero is a queer performance artist and writer living in Oakland, California. They are an editor at Timeless, Infinite Light and the author of almost any shit will do. They are currently working on Exhaustion: A Retching, a dry lyric essay that documents the affective weight of the accumulated, subthreshold violences, which daily permeate a non-binary body in transition. Code-switching between poetry and essay, Spero explores Jose Muñoz’s notion that “utopia exists in the quotidian.”



almost any shit will do (Trade Edition)Timeless, Infinite Light, 2014

almost any shit will do (Artist Edition), Timeless, Infinite Light, 2014  


"Freeway Statement," Armed Cell #12, April 2017

from "A Retching," Eleven Eleven #22, Jan 2017

from "Disgust," Elderly #16, June 2016

"Already Dead," Open House 2.1, Feb 2016

"We Were Bound to Do Something Stupid in Public (Attachment Can Be Problematic)" with Judy Bals, Emergency Index Vol. 4, Ugly Duckling Presse, 2015 

"from Journals 2013," It's night in San Francisco but it's Sunny in Oakland, July 2014 

"Mapping Discursive," Dusie #15, Apr 2014

"An Attempt at Getting Exhausted in Oscar Grant Plaza on Friday, October 20th, 2012. It Lasted an Hour, Give or Take." Tripwire 8, Dec 2014

"Audio Dump: Brian Ang, Amy Berkowitz, and e. spero," Not Enough Data, Nov 2012

"Four Wires with Notes from Poetry Readings," The Portable Boog Reader 8,< Jan 2015  

"This Space that Betweens Us: A Talk," Tract/Trace, July 2013


"We have exhausted / You are afraid of becoming monstrous," Exploded View Microcinema, Tucson, 2017

almost any shit will do, Malvern Books, Austin, 2015 

Doing Nothing: Performing the Practice of Everyday Life, Open Embodiments, Solar Culture Gallery, Tucson, 2015  

PDPTIPOPOS #9: Frantically Changing Clothes Over and Over, San Francisco, 2014

almost any shit will do, Pioneer Cemetery, Boulder, 2014

almost any shit will do, Johansson Projects, Oakland, 2014

Exhaustion: A Retching, Under the Influence, San Francisco, 2014

almost any shit will do, Litquake, San Francisco, 2014

Too Big to Fail, The Speakeasy, Oakland, 2012

#126: Emji SperoJupiter 88, 2012


ELEVATE, Small Press Traffic at Real Time and Space, Oakland, Spring 2017

Aggregate Space Gallery, Oakland, Spring 2016

Wolfman Books, Oakland, Summer 2015

KALA Art Institute, Oakland, Fall 2013-Winter 2014


"The Body and Violence" with Gabriel Ojeda-Sague, Jacket2

"There Is No Neutral Figuring Out the How and Why of Timeless Infinite Light" with Nikki Wallschlaeger, Boog City Issue 98

"Our Books are Spells for Unravelling Capitalism," with Joel Gregory and Ivy Johnson, Open House

"Can Poetry Unravel Capitalism?" with Sarah Burke, East Bay Express 


Lambda Literary Award Nominee

The Los Angeles Review

Volta Blog

The Portable Boog Reader 8

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Bureau of General Services—Queer Division

CA Conrad's 2014 Sexiest Poetry Award

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