• <strong>Lauren Levin</strong> <br />Justice Piece // Transmission
  • <strong>Lauren Levin</strong> <br />Justice Piece // Transmission

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  • Lauren Levin
    Justice Piece // Transmission

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    Perfect Bound
    128 pages, 6" x 8.125"

    Publication Date: 14 Sept 2018
    ISBN: 978-1-937421-25-0
    Distribution: SPD


    Justice Piece // Transmission is a perverse and anxious attack on the concept of justice, asking “If I am the symptom, what is the cause?” Ranging from The Rocky Horror Picture Show to feminist sci-fi, white supremacy to the Berkeley Parents Network, gendered violence to Led Zeppelin, disciplinary heterosexuality to hypochondria, these twin poems tackle questions of how personal history and pop culture both build us up and tear us to shreds. Levin’s writing lives in a space of contradiction, a call to “Make everything ugly / No aesthetics left / no mysteries / only problems.”



    Praise for Justice Piece

    “Talking about loyalty to the present," Lauren Levin's book takes its rightful place beside recent ones by Bhanu Kapil and Chris Nealon, as poetry of real, essayistic inquiry and open, immediate life writing. Half in lines, and half in prose paragraphs, this work of bodied intellection and rigorous self-assessment operates also as a compelling daybook that sorts and processes both the onrush of terrible American news and the repositioning developments of the author's new motherhood. The whole thing pulses with living, ongoing thinking.

    Brian Blanchfield


    Lauren Levin wrestles with the impossible in Justice Piece // Transmission: white supremacy, gender, the medical establishment, anxiety, ethnicity, mothering, sexuality, family, revolution… It’s all there. And she manages to win this match against the impossible, writing a new form of confessionalism that is at moments shocking, at other moments moving, and yet always attentive to the responsibilities of care for the world larger than the self. A stunning book.

    Juliana Spahr


    Not since college have I read a book that begins with the question: “What is Justice?” In college, the book was Plato’s Republic, where I learned about the “noble lie.” There is no “noble lie” in Lauren Levin’s Justice Piece // Transmission. There is no answer to the question “What is justice?” accessible to the individual / lyric subjectivity. Instead, the question leads her in unexpected directions, to more questions – about motherhood, race, ethnicity, gender, misogyny, racism, feminism – about all kinds of things: “I try to read about justice and stumble into libertarian thought experiments / about my right to sell my organs and sexual services // I try to read about St. Vincent and stumble into a thread called ‘Fuck Lena Dunham[.]’” But while Levin can’t tell her readers what justice is, she isn’t leading them into a post-modern rabbit hole either. Throughout Justice Piece // Transmission, Levin’s questions usefully uncover what justice isn’t, which is the most honest place to start. This is the kind of book that years from now, when I find myself in one quandary or another, I will think about, pick up & read again.

    Wendy Trevino


    Review of Justice Piece // Transmission by Jason Morris on Entropy 




    Lauren Levin is a poet, mixed-genre writer and art critic, author of The Braid (Krupskaya, 2016) and Justice Piece // Transmission (Timeless, Infinite Light, 2018). Their gender identity is some mix of belated queer, Jewish great-aunt, and aspirational Frank O'Hara.  They are still figuring it out. They live in Richmond, CA, are from New Orleans, LA, and are committed to queer art, intersectional feminism, being a parent, and anxiety


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