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  • Ivy Johnson
    As They Fall

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    Loose card deck
    110 cards, 4.5" x 3"

    Publication Date: 20 June 2013
    ISBN: 978-1-937421-02-1
    Distribution: SPD


    As They Fall is a vivid, sensual journey into the haunted landscape of the self. Ivy Johnson's fragmented, handwritten poems take its shape as a deck of cards. Keep it on your nightstand or your kitchen table. Ask the deck a question, or create your own aleatoric practice. Each deck has been individually shuffled.

    Ivy Johnson’s process relies heavily on the creation of rituals to guide the composition of her work. First, she sets herself in a trance-like state, and from that space she transmits fragments of language onto index cards and scraps of paper. Next she’ll scatter those fragments across her floor and roll over them naked. Whichever fragments stick to her gin-soaked body became part of the poem. 

    With As They Fall we wanted was to focus on that moment of potential energy between language and the divine. We wanted the reader to become an active, aleatoric agent of the book. 

    So we set out to recreate the experience. We went through hundreds upon hundreds of fragments, and settled on 112. We scanned in the original handwriting, and produced  them as loose on uncoated paper. We encrypted the backs of the cards with a healing spell. 

    As They Fall is a magical document, but it is not a precious object. Once removed from its band, the book is alive. Burn it, bleed on it, run it through the dirt. Its identity forms out of injury.




    Ivy Johnson was born on the open prairie where she picked crocuses as a child.  She was also raised speaking in tongues, which led her to poetry.  She currently lives in Oakland, CA where she writes and facilitates creative writing workshops for kids.  She is a founding member of The Third Thing, an Oakland based performance art group with feminist leanings. Her chapbook, Walt Disney’s Light Show Extravaganza, was published by Boog City in 2011.  Her book As They Fall, a collection of poetic fragments published on 110 note cards, was published by Timeless, Infinite Light in 2013.  She is currently working on a manuscript entitled, Born Again.