Remembering Sick Fest

A still from Neve Be's performance at Sick Fest

As a press we've been reflecting on the books we've gotten to publish, the tours we've been on, the magical poets we have met, & all the events we've been able to organize in the past year. There are some upcoming events and projects we're really excited for, such as our in-progress Viral Counter-Publics qtpoc poetry/video project in collaboration with Cantíl. But we wanted to remember, highlight, and revel in the amazing event we co-hosted at Chapter 510 back in March 2016: Sick Fest.

Sick Fest took a radical and participatory approach to exploring what it means to be a sick person under capitalism. The event featured performances and readings by a group of chronically ill and disabled writers and activists, including keynote speaker Johanna Hedva, author of Sick Woman Theory, as well as Neve Be, Carolyn Lazard, Liz Henry, Kiyaan A, Claire Light, Amy Berkowitz, and Mia Mingus. A group conversation, a chronic illness zine fair, and bodywork by donation rounded out the evening. Bodyworkers and energy healers included Danielle Walker, Lindsey Boldt, mai doan, Myrrhia Rodriguez, and Dusty Vogt.

Here's a video playlist of the performances.

& here's a full transcript of the event.

Thanks to everyone who helped document, transcribe, and caption these videos to make these amazing performances more accessible!

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