• Timeless is Dead, Long Live Timeless

    All good things must come to an end, even infinity, and after six radiant years and 23 brilliant books Timeless, Infinite Light is leaving this mortal plane July 1st. 

    We’ve been honored to work with our beloved authors to support and present their amazing writing, art, and performance. We want to make sure these beautiful books will continue beyond us, and so we’re delighted to announce that Nightboat Books will be absorbing our catalog after we shut down our operations this summer. Books will continue to be available at Small Press Distribution.

    We’ve always felt an affinity with Nightboat's curatorial work, and when we first started our collective, we modeled Timeless after them in many ways. Nightboat's interest in sustaining our legacy by supporting and preserving our catalog means we are able to ensure that our books will have a new home together. Since we founded the press as a collective, this outcome feels especially important.

    It's not you, it's us.




    But wait! We're bad at being done. 

    We've been thrilled to work with Nightboat closely on our final book, We Both Laughed in Pleasure: The Selected Diaries of Lou Sullivan, edited by Ellis Martin and Zach Ozma, with a gorgeous and intimate introduction by Susan Stryker. This seductive pink book is everything you've always loved about Timeless and more: even gayer! More Bay Area! More butts! 🍑🍑🍑

    We've been working with Ellis and Zach on this labor of love and are thrilled for it to be released through Nightboat this Fall!

    Thanks for supporting us throughout the years. Prom was a blast! Have a good summer. I hope we stay in touch...

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