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  • NO JUDGMENT ❀ ✿ An Interview with Amy Berkowitz

    NO JUDGMENT is a weekly interview series feat. Timeless' lovely writers, so they can begin to assume a shape beyond floating heads in the twittersphere. 
    This week's personal esoterica comes courtesy of Amy Berkowitz

    A memorable/embarrassing-in-hindsight early email address or username? What age?

    I was caribouamy on AIM

    You would be named Patron Saint of ______. 

    Being 5-10 minutes late

    What is a gift you received that made you feel truly seen?

    Fellow Timeless author Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta painted me a picture of a snake reading in bed.

    If you gave this current period in your life a song title and/or band name, what would it be and why?

    This is a hard question. I feel like my answer should be funny but things are so fucked up right now? Ok, the song is "I feel like my answer should be funny but things are so fucked up right now?" by the band This Is a Hard Question. Was I supposed to name an already existing song/band? I'm sorry.

    Share yr childhood vs. adulthood ~*comfort object of choice*~ (i.e. a special teddy, blankie, vape/joint, etc.).

    Stuffed bear, stuffed raccoon.

    What is your least favorite food?

    Pate. It's just not for me.

    Do you resonate with yr Zodiac Sign? Say more.

    I feel like a scorpio in some ways but my libra cusp explains the rest of me.

    Last form of “medicine” you offered yourself (can be emotional, spiritual, metaphysical)?

    A long walk

    Share 3 of your recent google searches (no judgment xo).

    "david wojnarowicz" "how do you do fellow kids" "WJIB"

    Share a reaction image/gif that represents you during yr writing process.


    I'm in my hole because I need to focus.

    Learn more about Amy Berkowitz here. Her book, Tender Points, is available for purchase here