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    Disaster by Madison Davis 

    Slabs by Brittany Billmeyer-Finn

    This January we'll be releasing Disaster by Madison Davis and Slabs by Brittany Billmeyer-Finn. Stay tuned for release deets. We hope you'll come out and pick up your pre-order!


    "Madison Davis’ Disaster is compelling. At first you can’t bear to read it then you can’t bear not to. When disaster occurs in one’s life, when there is death, there are levels of grief. One is pulled into the disaster according to the specific lineaments of the dying. Was it sudden? Was the person young? Was it violent? Was it the one person you cannot lose? How is it possible to go forward into life when “It cannot happen / it happened”? With Disaster Davis faces into loss by composing with details of what might be called unnatural disasters, tragedies caused by stupidity or just bad luck. She isn’t looking for solace and finds none. The beautifully articulated disasters in this book feel dangerous, inevitable, and random. As they say, you can't look away and yet, as Davis points out, “...we look away so quickly from disaster. We take it in every day and count ourselves fortunate to be spared.” But, as Disaster shows, we are not really spared."

    Laura Moriarty


    "Charming the unsayable and perennially undefined briefly into the realm of articulation, Brittany Billmeyer-Finn’s Slabs utilizes "intuitive practice" to unfold an intimate refusal of the limitations of contemporary identity politics, as embodied in its vessel: language. The text weaves together a shifting, shimmering fabric of indissoluble tensions, guided by a profoundly sensual, yet mercurial and frank linguistic intelligence. Fearlessly delicate and tough in its pursuit of the "question / I long after", Slabs alternately satisfies and provokes, as it constructs a bridge between the sacred and the sexual, the mortal and the transcendent; the constantly vanishing figure and its lingering traces."

    Francesca Lisette

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