• NO JUDGMENT ❀ ✿ An Interview with Melissa Mack

    NO JUDGMENT is a weekly interview series feat. Timeless' lovely writers, so they can begin to assume a shape beyond floating heads in the twittersphere. 
    This week's personal esoterica comes courtesy of Melissa Mack.

    A memorable/embarrassing-in-hindsight early email address or username? What age?

    My embarrassments, which are many, are in other arenas.

    You would be named Patron Saint of ______.


    What is a gift you received that made you feel truly seen?

    A daybook made for me by a friend long before I knew what a daybook was.

    If you gave this current period in your life a song title and/or band name, what would it be and why?

    My Life -- after Lyn Hejinian, a texture of ongoingness

    Share yr childhood vs. adulthood ~*comfort object of choice*~ (i.e. a special teddy, blankie, vape/joint, etc.).

    Then: a menagerie of stuffed animals

    Now: that is a secret

    What is your least favorite food?

    raw broccoli

    Do you resonate with yr Zodiac Sign? Say more.

    I'm a Libra and I feel like one. Ambivalence, indecision, justice, pretty things. Also, according to Luke Dani Blue, it's very Libran of me to take a long time getting ready to go out (which combined with my deep introversion often means not making it out at all). Libra also shares a phoneme with library and liberation!

    Last form of “medicine” you offered yourself (can be emotional, spiritual, metaphysical)?

    Flower essences! Borage for courage, pine for unnecessary guilt/anxiety, manzanita for loving the body, wild oat for finding one's way.

    Share 3 of your recent google searches (no judgment xo).

    "best resistance bands" (exercise not music), "where are Arkansas diamonds" [work trip to rural Arkansas], "does Walmart have a Starbucks?" [ditto Arkansas]

    Share a reaction image/gif that represents you during yr writing process.

    Learn more about Melissa Mack here. Her book, The Next Crystal Text, is available for purchase here.

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