NO JUDGMENT ❀ ✿ An Interview with Gabriel Ojeda-Sague

NO JUDGMENT is a weekly interview series feat. Timeless' lovely writers, so they can begin to assume a shape beyond floating heads in the twittersphere. 
This week's personal esoterica comes courtesy of Gabriel Ojeda-Sague.

A memorable/embarrassing-in-hindsight early email address or username? What age?

My first email address was dingodile51@earthlink. Dingodile is the name of a villain in the Crash Bandicoot games who is part dingo and, well, part crocodile.

You would be named Patron Saint of ______.

I would be named the Patron Saint of Uncomfortable Laughter.

What is a gift you received that made you feel truly seen?

A giant Tom of Finland coffee-table book.

If you gave this current period in your life a song title and/or band name, what would it be and why?

“Uh oh,” because…uh oh.

Share yr childhood vs. adulthood ~*comfort object of choice*~ (i.e. a special teddy, blankie, vape/joint, etc.).

My comfort objects have always been game controllers and video games. Video games feel like they give me a sense that everything is at default. I’m that kind of guy.

What is your least favorite food?

Salisbury steak. I just had a lot of really, really bad salisbury steak in the Miami-Dade public school system during elementary. I find it revolting, like eating a sponge that has absorbed barbecue sauce.

Do you resonate with yr Zodiac Sign? Say more.

I am the world’s greatest gossip, so yes I am a proud Leo.

Last form of “medicine” you offered yourself (can be emotional, spiritual, metaphysical)?

I got myself a massage recently because I’m in a high-stress moment, and I was worried I’d fart the whole time. I didn’t!

Share 3 of your recent google searches (no judgment xo).

“pepper verb” “Juliette Lewis” and “algorithm etymology.”

Share a reaction image/gif that represents you during yr writing process.

Learn more about Gabriel Ojeda-Sague here. His book, Oil and Candle, is available for purchase here.

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