• M. Ryan Murphy Reviews LEVITATIONS by JH Phydras for Entropy

    Brooklyn poet, performer & enthusiastic barista M. Ryan Murphy reviewed Levitations by JH Phydras for Entropy Magazine:

    "We then enter the city, the body, the community as a unit constructed of closed language. This room is that of a hateful past, and the structure seeks the destruction of others. But the body and voice will shift into a colorful community that joins in the fight (be it peaceful or not) for creating a new kind of architecture beyond “the city [that] meshes harsh words with contours / of bodies and eyes that, voiceless, construct streets with no / exit.” How the goal then becomes communion of diverse bodies equal in facing various oppressions. How the goal also becomes entrance into the celebration of queer community, exit from the current space of blue and red and ash, and finally, embrace of what’s truly not artifice – the self and the language persistent."

    Oh, and be sure to read the entire review, M. Ryan includes a dazzling creative response to the book as well ;-).

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