• Lo Terciario / The Tertiary / Book Release Party


    Join us for a celebration of Raquel Salas Rivera's bilingual collection of poetry, the "lo terciario / the tertiary"

    RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/1950810228569325/

    Doors 6:30
    Show at 7:00 sharp

    Omni Commons
    4799 Shattuck Ave
    Oakland, CA 94609

    Line Up!
    Raquel Salas Rivera
    Angel Dominguez
    Á.R. Vázquez-Concepción
    Ashley Davis

    // about "lo terciario / the tertiary //
    Written in response the PROMESA bill (Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act) bill, lo terciario/the tertiary offers a decolonial queer critique and reconsideration of Marx. The book’s titles come from Pedro Scaron’s, El Capital, the 1976 translation of Karl Marx’s classic. Published by Siglo Veintiuno Editores, this translation was commonly used by the Puerto Rican left as part of political formation programs. Lo terciario/the tertiary places this text in relation to the Puerto Rican debt crisis, forcing readers to reconsider old questions when facing colonialism’s newest horrors.

    // about Raquel Salas Rivera // 
    Raquel Salas Rivera is the 2018-19 Poet Laureate of Philadelphia. Their work has appeared in journals such as the Revista del Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, Apogee, BOAAT, Círculo de Poesía, Cosmonauts Ave, Waxwing, Dreginald, and the Boston Review. They are the author of Caneca de anhelos turbios (Editora Educación Emergente), oropel/tinsel (Lark Books), and tierra intermitente (Ediciones Alayubia). Their book lo terciario/the tertiary is forthcoming in 2018 from Timeless, Infinite Light. Currently, they are Co-Editor of The Wanderer, and Co-Editor of Puerto Rico en mi corazón, a collection of bilingual broadsides of contemporary Puerto Rican poets. If for Roque Dalton there is no revolution without poetry, for Raquel, there is no poetry without Puerto Rico.

    // Angel Dominguez //
    Angel Dominguez is a Latinx poet and performance artist of Yucatec Mayan descent; the author of Desgraciado (Econo Textual Objects, 2017), and Black Lavender Milk (Timeless Infinite Light, 2015). His work can be found in Berkeley Poetry Review, Brooklyn Magazine, FENCE, NY Tyrant, Queen Mobs Teahouse, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter @dandelionglitch or irl the redwoods, or ocean.

    // Á.R. Vázquez-Concepción //
    Angel Rafael Vázquez-Concepción, (b. 1981, Puerto Rico) independent curator and artist based in San Francisco, California, founder of Cranium Corporation. His work oscillates between the rigor and structure of research and writing and the design of exhibitions. He privileges collaboration and is a firm believer in art as a tool for education and civics. In 2015, Vázquez-Concepción obtained a Master’s in curatorial practice from the California College of the Arts. He has curated exhibitions at the Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art, the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, and ÁREA: Space for Projects, in Caguas, Puerto Rico. In San Francisco and Oakland, California, he has contributed exhibitions to the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, Minnesota Street Project, CTRL + SHFT Collective, the Red Poppy Art House, Adobe Books Backroom Gallery, and the GLBT History Museum. He is currently pursuing a credential in history and social sciences education at San Francisco State University. Con mucho orgullo también habla español.

    // Ashley Davis //
    Ashley Davis is a California born, New York educated, Boston bred, Philly based black , queer, womxn, poet, educator whose work is personal and performed with the intention to connect to those around her in order to build community and continue healing. Ashley was a part of the VONA 2017 cohort facilitated by Patricia Smith, was a part of the 2016 Finalist team "House Slam" at the National Poetry Slam, and was a finalist for the 2016 National Underground Individual Poetry Competition. She currently lives with her grandmother and great-grandmother connecting to her spirit guides, learning her craft, and protecting her energy.

    // Accessibility //
    Omni's front door is at street level, with no steps or ramps required to enter. It is a double door - the left side opens to 32". The Ballroom is accessible via ramp. 

    The entrance hall bathroom is usable for many people in wheelchairs, but may be problematic for others. The door, toilet, sink and pathways between them have been positioned/widened to ADA standards. The toilet has a grab-bar on its left side. There is currently no rear grab-bar or toilet-paper holder. Event organizers should check this bathroom before events to make sure it is free of clutter and stocked with toilet paper.

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