• like a solid to a shadow Reviewed in Galatea Resurrects

    New deeply personal & powerful review of like a solid to a shadow by Janice Sapigao up on Galatea Resurrects by Eileen Tabios:

    "like a solid to a shadow also is about grieving a father’s death as well as grieving a father. Sapigao’s father died when she was six years old. Part of the impetus for Sapigao’s project was transcribing cassette tapes of love letters sent by her father to her mother during their courting days. Complicating the project was how her father spoke in Ilokano and Sapigao's lack of fluency in this language.

    What’s admirable about Sapigao’s project are, among others, its many layers of complexity, including its address of translation. Translation is a fitting layer since the entire poetic project, if as also as means to “find” her father, is translation"

    Read the full review here.

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