• Excerpt from Face Down Featured in Social Text

    An excerpt from Brian Whitener's new book Face Down was just published in Social Text, a quarterly scholarly journal forging creative connections between critical theory and political practice, edited by insurrectionary poet Marie Buck.

    At the end of the first industrial revolution in 1873, Mother and her children struggle to swallow a thin gruel while their distended limbs flounder uncontrollably in yellow, noxious wind. Slowly over the next 30 years, the white family will be fully reconstituted around a single male wage earner. By 1950, only 10% of white women will be engaged in paid labor outside the home. By 1990, that number will increase to 50%. In 1997, the popular USAmerican TV show, Your Mother, bases an entire episode around the premise that for men sex is about “parts,” while for women sex is “mental.” In this same episode, a lawyer defends himself from a sexual harassment charge by arguing that he has OCD which makes him grab, compulsively, women’s asses and Unknown Mother, after explaining how she feels like men do not see her in job meetings, turns into a little girl wearing a purple scarf. Next century, Mother bathes her former step-child who is a daughter’s sister’s lover and aunt’s soon-to-be child: Mother washes their bodies and pulls their indentations out and pushes them back in again, naming each quietly under her breath as she washes, Peyton and Riley, Shane and Taylor, Reagan and Tristan and Drew and Devin…

    Check the full piece out here!
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