• Cataclysm's Open Road and Burnt Rubber: A Conversation Between Jamie Townsend and Ted Rees

    Photo Credit: Andrew Kenower

    "Cataclysm's Open Road and Burnt Rubber: A Conversation Between Jamie Townsend and Ted Rees" is now up on Entropy! Here's an excerpt:

    One of my aims in the book is to interrogate this history of devastation and its reasoning, while also extending that interrogation into more recent gentrification and development efforts, thus connecting finance vampyrics over time. 

    The voices in the poems about Oakland, then, are very much attempting to be in concert with the environment, giving aural space to the interstices, the histories, and the present interpretations of the urban scape. There are a lot of rhythms and tones that are somewhat easier to suss out— hyphy music and older rhythm and blues tracks make a number of appearances— and some that are more obscure, but what connects them is that they are situated in a location that is roughly fifteen blocks by twenty-five blocks.

    The other poems in the book are more geographically dispersed, but I think share something of the wailing of disaster, of “cataclysm’s open road and burnt rubber/ one long drift across the continent.” That this wailing never ceases no matter one’s location needs to be recognized and reckoned with, particularly by those who benefit from (and often cause) its reverberations across time and space. 

    You can read the whole interview here

    And make sure to get your copy of In Brazen Fontanelle Aflame by Ted Rees, whose writing has been described by Cassandra Troyan as "brilliant effusive baroque, styled by the trash of capitalist excess".

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