• Avren Keating Reviews LEVITATIONS by JH Phydras for Fanzine

    The bay area non-binary master of love Avren Keating reviewed Levitations Fanzine:

    "Phrydas’s speaker is contained within the socio-political markings of queer embodiment and longs to burst through, “With a hatchet, I could fuck this floor up. I could hack a hole through which to pull him, up into her warmth”. The nexus the speaker is caught within is, and is not, personified as his mother: the white walls are his inheritance from the state and white ancestry, and are also of the speaker’s own design. His mother/empire conceit scrambles to the unsettling point where if the speaker were to take a hatchet to U.S. empire’s floorboards, he would also hack away at his subconscious mother. The speaker, without hatchet, yearns to find the space where he and the beloved can be free from socio-political trappings of queer identity and race."

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