• JH Phrydas reviews The Devastation by Melissa Buzzeo on Entropy

    JH Phrydas' incredible review of Melissa Buzzeo's The Devastation (Nightboat Books), just posted on Entropy:

    For Buzzeo, language becomes the conduit of its own emergence, attaining a status as sculptural objects where texture evokes feeling, as well as temperature, as well as light. The Buzzeo sentence pushes towards an eroticism not just in denying expectation but in enacting impossibility. Not theoretically, but actually. The impossibility of our bodies existing; the impossibility of a flesh-based writing; the impossibility of BODY LANGUAGE: made impossible by the colonization of logic over emotive, intuitive knowing. She writes, “The phone rang the vapor salted the mirror ran the ground shifted the pages flew a cliché you say again and again. The desire books drained their tears.” 

    Read the full review here

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