• SALTA is Timeless, Infinite Light

    A collaboration between SALTA and Timeless, Infinite Light on an evening of collisions / communion between dance and poetry that took place at LoBot Gallery on January 29th, 2016. We invited poets who verge on dance, dancers who verge on poetry, and people working in some indefinable way between and among the two. This evening was largely composed of durational works, in which the audience could come, go, and move around as they wished. Throughout the event, a crew of local poets were transcribing / translating the performances into language to be displayed on one of the gallery walls. There was a dance party to cap the vibes. 

    What follows is some documentation from the event. It will be almost like you were there. Here's a PDF of the SALTA is Timeless, Infinite Light zine we made for the event to help you find your way.


    Dream Tigers


    Sueyeun Juliette Lee
    Orphan Day: A Summer Salp'uri
    Digital Video



    Leslie Castellano w/ Nicole Casado
    The Free School of Accidental Communion


    Joel Gregory + Emji Spero
    Performance, Digital Video


    Ambient Asian Space
    Jai Arun Ravine


    Crystal Sasaki
    We Could All Be Experts


    Michelle Puckett, Mg Roberts, Alana Siegel, and Lehua Taitano

    Check out this PDF of poetic transcriptions from the evening!


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