• We've discovered multiple times on this trip that words don't have to mean anything (example: "BEYOND INT'L, LTD")

    Night walk to Emily dickinson's grave after the Amherst reading, then amy played my favorite song at the american legion bar. Danced to and with the many, for all's beginnerhood. Open the sunlight manual. We played in the leaves of ED's yard. Somewhere between felt and observed, between driftwood and sap.

    Providence: multimedia arts is anybody's game. You do the math.
    Philly! The ultimate! Extremely warm night, Ionized atmosphere and open doors jazzed people deeply. Four Colors for the Based God & took the reading break between it at which time I read Accuracy to the highway. Hope's havoc's witness. No Secresy in Art.
    You can still smoke in bars here? No just this one. That was Amherst. Also bring your own bowl soup. Paul said he always wanted to read in a doorway so he did. 
    Brown University napkins with the Brown University logo. After we got falafel and drove to Connecticut. 
    Gabriel was wearing a tank top when he met us in Philly. He said there was a stained glass portrait of a young boy riding a seahorse and there was. Actually two. Lately whenever I'm about to read I think of the Eileen Myles essay 'Being Female' ("I have a little exercise I do when I present my work or speak publicly...") so why not just read the beginning of it to start things off. 
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