Tract Contest Winner Announced

Timeless, Infinite Light is pleased to announce the winner of our first TRACT contest! We will be releasing Oil & Candle by Gabriel Ojeda-Sague on March 5th. 

Gabriel Ojeda-Sague is a Latino queer Leo living in Philadelphia, PA. His first collection, Oil and Candle (forthcoming March 2016, Timeless, Infinite Light), is a set of writings on Santería, war, and the precarity of Latino-American lives. He is also the author of the chapbooks JOGS (2013), a re-writing of The Joy of Gay Sex, Nite [Chickadee]’s (GaussPDF 2015), a collection of Cher’s tweets on systematic racism and violence, and Where Everything is in Halves (Be About It, 2015), poems against death through The Legend of Zelda.

Here's how he describes the book: 

Oil and Candle traces imagined rituals, failed rituals, and magical objects of Santería in confronting issues of race, warfare, and the precarity of Latino lives. Object-oriented, Oil and Candle localizes biographical, theoretical, and imagined content in a Limpias oil and an Abrecaminos prayer candle (or velón). It is as much a confrontation of racism in poetry as it is a torch-song to cultures inherited and not necessarily lived.

This manuscript was selected from an exceptionally strong pool of entries by guest judges Brittany Billmeyer-Finn, Cheena Marie Lo, and Syd Staiti. Many thanks to our guest judges and all of the contestants!

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