• almost any shit will do in Singapore

    Poet Divya Victor is teaching almost any shit will do in a seminar in Singapore! We just received an email update from her on the students' surprising engagement with the book:
    "Today is my second seminar with the writing students at Nanyang. We are indeed reading you [emji spero], Howe, Mayer, Holly Melgard, Alvin Pang. But your book is the highlight of the day. Our theme today is Reading as a Practice of freedom, after bell hook’s idea that Education is a Practice of freedom. They are coming in having broken ‘two laws of reading’ however they define it. After a lecture on bell hooks and Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience (as part of Howe’s Thorow), students will be “Occupying” your text— breaking it apart and residing in it as reading it in small collectives, and coming together to share how group formation transforms individual readings. The whole thing has been printed on pale peach papers. I wanted you to know that."
    "In light of things happening in the States, this seemed like the right thing to do, thousands of miles away."
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