Poems from Romance of Siam Published in Streetnotes

Four poems from The Romance of Siam by Jai Arun Ravine, including the crowd-favorite “White Love,” “Backpackers,” “Backpackers 2: [White Goes East],” and “Erase Every Trace,” were just published in Streetnotes vol 24, a biannual, peer-reviewed journal for interdisciplinary study of the city. Here there’s Nicholas Cage, back massages, phosphorescence, CSI, and a black BMW K1200R, alongside some more great work by Bay Area favorites and TIL friends Jamie Townsend and Syd Staiti.

Every story about Thailand starts with you, a young American backpacker on holiday, walking in flip-flops and cargo shorts and Beer Chang tank tops through markets of bootlegs of bootlegs of tourists, through guesthouses overrun by roaches and beautiful French girls having sex in the next room. You have to turn on the fan just to blow away all the smoke coming off her body. Pull the pin and she’s like a smoke bomb for signaling or as a screening device.

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