• HOUSEWORK: Emji Saint Spero in conversation with Brett Suemnicht

    HOUSEWORK: Emji Saint Spero in conversation with Brett Suemnicht

    May 5th, 7pm EST
    at Vox Populi 
    319 N 11th St, 3rd Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19107

    Emji Saint Spero 

    A person having an exceptional degree of holiness or likeness or closeness to God. Depending on their context, they also retain their original meaning, as anyone who “is in you” and “in whom you enter,” whether from above or from below. FKA Vers. They currently reside in Oakland.

    Emji Saint Spero is a queer performance artist and writer. They are an editor at Timeless, Infinite Light and the author of almost any shit will do. Their work occupies a hybrid space between poetry and prose, weaving together somatic ritual, performance, and collaborative experimentation. They work closely with other writers and artists, stretching the potential of creative intimacies, sociality, and the poetics of relation. They are currently working on the Exhaustion trilogy, a series of books obsessed with exploring and challenging Jose Muñoz’s inquiry that “utopia exists in the quotidian.”

    You can order a copy of their book almost any shit will do here

    Fb @Emji Saint Spero
    Ig @homopathetic


    Brett Suemnicht

    “GenderFail is a publishing and programming initiative featuring the perspectives of queer and trans people and people of color. GenderFail looks to build up, reinforce and open opportunities for creative projects that focus on printed matter. GenderFail invites artists, writers and activists to create publications, prints and programming to present through the platform. Since its inception in 2015, GenderFail has released content by Liz Barr, Jesse Harrod, Maria Tínaut, Anthony Iacono, Paige Hanserd, Ethan Kastner, Pallavi Sen, Roxana Azar and TrueQué: Residency. GenderFail has presented work at MoMA PS1 (NYC), Ulises Books (Philadelphia), After School Special (Milwaukee), and SEDIMENT (Richmond).  Their publications can be found at Printed Matter (NYC), Art Metropole (Toronto), Artbook at MoMA PS1 (NYC), Otherwild (New York & LA) Quimby’s Books (Chicago & New York) and Verbatim Books (San Diego).

    Since 2017, they have been working on The GenderFail Archive Project, a socially engaged work that invites artists, librarians, activists, publishers and artist collectives to curate a selection of publications from the GenderFail library. The GenderFail Archive is presented on sculptural displays made in collaboration with artists to re-imagine how publications are shown via physical manifestations. The project was recently invited to be a part of Past and Future Fictions at MoMA PS1, a Sunday Sessions event hosted by Art+Feminism that brings together projects and organizations whose missions focus on radical archiving.”


    ***This event is curated by Ted Rees, and is hosted by Levi Bentley and Vox Populi

    You can find more info and updates on the Facebook Event Page

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